_midnightsyren_ (_midnightsyren_) wrote in roll_me_over,

Before I forget...

This is a fake bunny made with real bunny skin. That means, somewhere in this universe, there is a factory where real bunnies go in, are peeled of their skins, and are sewn back together as fake bunnies. Sleep well, Sunshine!" ~Broon

Don't do drugs kids. Go home, drink liquor,and lite your nipples on fire."~Broon

" ' Enter Faulty Penis' ' Phil! It's Polythemus.' 'I've seen him naked'" ~Sound and Fury

" 'Now I am free to claim my true love for you!' 'Phil!!!' 'kiss me!'' Die!' *takes out dagger and kills Phil* ' But I'm your Father.' 'Phil, that's disgusting!' 'That's a Greek!'"~Sound and Fury

...ha, that's all I can think of right now

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